February 14th 8pm to 2am - Doors until 11pm
Orientation at 7pm for first time guests.

For this event we've partnered with Black Garter to provide an upscale experience beyond what you've seen at any prior Insurrection event.  We've split tickets into VIP and General Admission so we can keep it affordable to our cost conscience friends, while providing an upscale option to those that prefer it.  Standard guests should be aware that the downstairs play area will be restricted to VIP guest only from 8pm to 11pm.

For this event we will create an environment setup to celebrate passion, romance and love.  We want to create a sensual and sexy environment where you can celebrate what you love about your partner(s).  If you're single, you're still welcome, many of our guests will enjoy the opportunity to create new connections.

As always we strive to create an environment friendly to our heterosexual guests and our LGBTQ guests.

Fetlife Event Listing


General Admission $20 Advance / $25 at the Door
Includes access to a sexy and sensual party with lots of BDSM play space, plus access to the downstairs play area from 11pm to 2am.

VIP Tickets $35 Advance purchase required
Access to downstairs VIP area 8pm to 11pm (after 11 it's open to everyone)  - Will include special VIP level service provided by Black Garter
Cigar bar access (includes your choice from our fine cigar selection)
Preferred Alcohol selection
VIP Valentines gift