From the brain of Mr. Andrew Love who brought you Rocky Mountain Rebellion,  Mr. Leather SLUT,  and co-founded blackBOOTS, MAsT-SLC, International Person of Leather, and much more.  We are please to introduce Insurrection and what will initially be quarterly parties.

Insurrection isn't a group, it isn't a venue,  it's a brand, with a focus on creating parties and environments that support radical erotic authenticity. Our events will be focused on safety, consent, and sex positivity.  We will be focused on creating a non-judge-mental environment where you can explore your darkest fantasies. 

Our intent is to start out venue agnostic, choosing alternate venues, or possibly rotating venues as a way to cross pollinate between community groups and hopefully make the broader community stronger in the process.  We've assembled a team of people to work on Insurrection that includes a mix of demographics.   

Our BDSM / Kink / Leather parties will have a particular focus on lighting, music and play equipment to provide you with an environment that supports altered head spaces.  If you've been to one of Mr. Andrew Love's parties before, imagine the next step and you know that this is not a party to be missed.

We may expand or alter our offerings in the future as we move forward but we are excited to offer you our parties.

Team Insurrection looks forward to serving the Salt Lake City, Utah community, and are excited for you all to be part of this.